About Us

Our Expertise

Midwest Evaluation offers a full range of business-to-business services exclusively to not-for-profit organizations with a primary focus on:

  • Grant Writing & Identification
  • Strategic Planning
  • Data Analysis
  • Data Collection
  • Data Management
  • Program Design
  • Survey and Instrument Development
  • Data Based Program Improvement

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Founded and led by Dr. Matthew Shepherd, who has over 20 years of award winning experience, Midwest Evaluation has earned a reputation for excellence in the field of research and evaluation. We work in partnership with our clients to make good programs, community-based organizations, foundations, schools, and governmental entities that serve these populations better. We do that by offering the following services, as well as the previously mentioned ones.

  • Staff Training
  • Program Evaluation
  • Program Technical
  • Assistance and Advice
  • Institutional Review Board (IRB) Submission and Management
  • Report Production
  • Data System (Databases, Online Surveys)
  • Presentation of Findings
  • Peer Reviewed Publication of Findings
  • Conference Training
  • Webinars and Workshops

Meet Our Team

Our Mission

"Midwest Evaluation works to make the lives of the disempowered, disenfranchised, and at-risk individuals and populations better."


Our Values

Client Commitment

We work collaboratively in true partnerships with our clients to meet and exceed their needs. Our dedication and rigor are balanced with flexibility and transparency, which set us apart from other companies. We bring passion for making non-profits more impactful and influential.


Mutual Support

We foster an environment of trust by holding each other accountable and cultivating a Circle of Safety where all staff speak freely and have an equal voice. We uphold direct, clear, and open communication. High expectations are balanced by respect for the employee as a whole person.


Learning Orientation

Driven by possibility and curiosity, and skilled in using data to inform strategy, we believe in continuous improvement. We endure discomfort, accept risk, and expect mistakes because we embrace failure as a tool for learning. Effort and growth, rather than results, are the measures of success.