Program Evaluation

We work with you to plan, design, fund, and measure the outcome of your program, using research based strategies. 

Program Design

Each program has its own unique mission, but not all programs are equally successful in achieving that mission. While some…

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Grant Identification and Grant Writing

One of the most difficult parts of social service programming is finding the funds to conduct organizational programs and pay…

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Strategic Planning

Strategic planning is a high-level organizational activity that is used to help management and staff set priorities, focus energy and…

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Survey and Instrument Development

Despite the wide range of standardized tools available, an instrument simply may not exist that is relevant to the unique…

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Data Collection

At Midwest Evaluation, we not only train your organization to collect data, but we also assist by directly collecting all…

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Data Management and Storage

Once evaluation data is collected, organizations often struggle with managing, organizing, and making use of the information. Having too much…

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Data Analysis

Data analysis is the process by which raw data is examined using specialized tools and techniques to find useful information.…

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Program Implementation

We provide technical assistance, support, and staff training to implement into your program.

Program Technical Assistance and Advice

Midwest Evaluation is here to help, but before we start offering advice and technical assistance, we take the…

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Institutional Review Board (IRB) Submission and Management

Certain types of research and evaluation projects that involve interaction with human subjects require approval as well as…

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Science Driven Program Implementation

In recent years, Midwest Evaluation has developed an expertise in the field of Implementation Science, or how evidence-based…

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Staff Training

At Midwest Evaluation, we understand the importance of competent and complete training of key staff to ensure programs…

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Program Communication

We produce professional reports, workshops, and presentations to showcase your program results.

Report Production

At Midwest Evaluation, we produce high quality documents that have a meaningful impact on your target audience. Evaluation results are…

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Conference Trainings, Webinars, and Workshops

At Midwest Evaluation, we understand you may have a variety of organizational training needs, and we can assist you by…

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Presentation of Findings

At Midwest Evaluation, our services do not end with the conclusion of a research process and the production of a…

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