Staff Training


At Midwest Evaluation, we understand the importance of competent and complete training of key staff to ensure programs and evaluations are implemented to achieve the intended results. We can assist your organization with staff training to achieve several important goals:

  • Training around data collection: Well designed evaluations will not yield the intended results if consistent and accurate data is not collected by those on the front line. We provide intensive trainings to help ensure a quality data collection process.
  • Capacity building training: When organizations seek to conduct in-house evaluations and research processes, we help build the capacity of staff to use evaluation and research tools.
  • Evidence-based practices: In addition to trainings around evaluation, Midwest Evaluation staff are available to provide trainings on some evidence-based practices that your organization may seek to implement.
  • Implementation science: Having become one of the preeminent researchers in Implementation Science, we are able to help guide your organization through the process of implementing social science programs effectively while understanding how all the contextual factors of your organization impact this process.

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